Orange Labs are leading innovation in France and worldwide, anticipating technological revolutions and new uses, offering customers the best from telecommunications through perpetual innovation, and imagining tomorrow’s technologies. Orange Labs extensively collaborates with operators, manufacturers, universities and R&D centers. It is also actively involved in standardization and regulation bodies such as 3GPP and ITU-R. Orange is the scientific coordinator with Dr. Amina Boubendir, a researcher and project manager expert on edge and network automation in softwarized infrastructures at Orange Labs, who is leading collaborative research activities on network design and automated management internally and externally in collaboration with industry and academia. Orange Labs has been involved in many ANR, H2020 and FP7 projects, notably in the area of this project like, ANR MAESTRO 5G and CANCAN, and H2020 5GEx, Slicenet, 5GTransformer, 5GEVE, 5GSMART and MON-B5G, addressing the management and orchestration of virtualized network infrastructures for vertical services and devices for end-to-end slicing in 5G considering the cross- domain aspects. This involvement gives Orange strong inputs for INTELLIGENTSIA, where Orange is particularly interested to work on innovations to valorise the network edge devices with seamless network-edge continuum through intelligence and to achieve zero-touch architectures network management frameworks.
Orange participants: Amina Boubendir (project coordinator), Fabrice Guillemin, Alessandro Aimi


Acklio is a spin-off from IMT Atlantique, laureate of the iLAB innovation program. Acklio is leading the IETF standardization of compression algorithms for a smooth integration of LPWAN objects into IP ecosystems. Its products cover both LoRaWAN and compression and fragmentation for LPWAN networks. Acklio will contribute to the design of the architecture in WP1; will participate in the development and integration of Medium Access mechanisms to manage slicing and devices’ priority on LoRaWAN in WP3, and lead the experimental activities in WP4. Better integration of 5G management into LoRaWAN technology will offer to Acklio new business opportunities.
Acklio participants: Alexander Pelov, Lecouvre Julien, Kerduncuff Tanguy, Moullec Flavien


AGUILA is an SME established since 2009 specialized in small size, low-power consuming IoT systems for a variety of sectors. The company Know-How covers miniaturized systems with long autonomy, sensors buried in the pavement, technology adapted to intelligent transport systems as well as analysis and use of collected complex data. A few achievements examples: communicating tags for tracking with ultra- long-life battery, geolocation systems, systems for activity analysis of animals, humans, vehicles. AGUILA will contribute mainly in WP1 in the use-cases definition, and in the experimental activities in WP4, making available anonymous traces from thousands of IoT devices deployed for animal and city garbage monitoring services.

Aguila participants: Blanco Joan, Flegar Mathias, Bouix Emmanuel


The Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers is a doctoral degree-granting education establishment and Grande Ecole in engineering dedicated to providing education and conducting research for the promotion of science and industry. Its computer science and communications department CEDRIC is internationally recognized as a leading research institute. CNAM participate with members from its novel ROC research team. The involved members have a long experience in both national and international collaborative research projects, such as the ANR MAESTRO-5G, CANCAN, H2020 AI@EDGE. CNAM will contribute on the design of the network automation framework and its experimentation with open platforms.
CNAM participants: Tatiana Aubonnet, Rovedakis Stéphane (PI), Secci Stefano.


Public science and technology institution established in 1967, Inria is the only public research body fully dedicated to computational sciences. Inria Rennes participate to the project with the Dionysos team, currently working on the application of learning techniques to the management of virtualized networks, and on congestion and access control in IoT access networks. Dionysos members have participated in several national (FUI: p2pim@ges, QoSMobile, SVC4QoE, ANR: Vipeer) and international (FP6 Anemone, FP7 Alicante) projects. INRIA contribution mainly covers WP3, leading the activity on optimizing radio access through efficient partitioning and traffic differentiation, and WP4, on the experimentation of the proposed solutions.
Inria participants: Yassine Hadjadj-Aoul, Patrick Maillé, Gerardo Rubino.